Author David Klass Makes Losing Interesting

PawPrint writer Angelique Robinson reviews David Klass’ book “Losers Take All.”

Angelique Robinson, Staff Writer & Social Media Coordinator

The book Losers Take All by David Klass is a great read for people who appreciate reading about a journey. The book is about a group of students who go to a school that has a new rule that says all seniors must join a sports team. This follows their journey while on their very bad soccer team.

Klass does a good job of not following cliché plot lines. For example, a predictable ending would be the team becoming state champions after being the underdogs. While this uplifts some people’s spirits, it does not represent reality. That is the best thing about this book, that the plot line could actually happen in the real world, even though a school forcing athletic participation seems crazy.

Another good thing that Klass does well is incorporating a few side stories without taking away from the central storyline. There are side plots about romance, family drama and deviance but despite them being very different, they all tie into the main idea.

One criticism I do have is that there is not much character development. None of the main characters go through something that changes who they are. If there are developments they were in side characters, whose changes have no major impact on the outcome of the story.

Overall, I think this book is very refreshing compared to most young adult fiction, which consists mostly of romance novels. This appeals to the non-athletic and the athletic alike. The book is slightly longer for those interested in reading the book, the page count is 306 pages.