Teens in Politics Deserve Love Too

Angelique Robinson, Staff Writer & Social Media Coordinator

Tampa Bay, Fla–Red Girl, Blue Boy by Lauren Baratz-Logsted is a teen romance novel about two teens whose parents are the Democratic and Republican candidates for President and the two teens get close as they complete interviews for their parents’ campaign.

A good thing about this story I that there is a frame story[1], this way the romance is not coming out of nowhere. Without this element the romance feels forced because of the way their romance begins in the novel.

Alongside the beautiful romantic progression, the plot is very consistent by staying focused on the romance of the two central characters while leaving the political race in the background, coming into focus when adding to the romantic plot.

However, the story’s weakness is the character’s romantic conflict because it does not occur until the near end. The cliché is that something happens, one gets angry, then the other one gets upset and they give their relationship up only to get back together shortly after. This feels like lazy writing as both the main characters are determined fighters, so they never would let a small problem tear them completely apart.

This book is meant for people who like romance but do not want to become deeply emotionally invested. This also for people who may be experimenting with what genres they like, this is a calm romance novel, as opposed to something like John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. The book takes the time for developing romances and characters, therefore the book has 289 pages.


[1] Frame story: Context from a time before or a time after the story has taken place. Some others provide both.