Boy Band Releases Catchy New Song

Angelique Robinson, Staff Writer & Social Media Coordinator

Tampa Bay, Fla.–The boy band PRETTYMUCH, one of Simon Cowell’s boy bands released a new song on Friday. The title of the song is Solita, which means alone or lonely in Spanish. The song also featured rapper Rich the Kid.

The song has a nice tempo, making it easy to dance to. The song fits their style of including hip-hop and Latin pop into their music. The tempo also fits the message of dancing solving some of the hardships a person may be facing.

The drawback of the song is that one of the member’s goals is underused. Austin typically does raps and deeper parts of their songs. On this song he only sings in the intro and outro in the background of Rich the Kid. His deep voice would have been much use to the chorus, as it slows slightly and gets deeper.

I recommend the song to anyone who likes music that uplift their soul or that they can dance and sing along to. The song would bring a smile to the face and take the burden off any rough day. The band has other songs that capture a similar essence