Caraval sounds just as fun as Carnival

A book review by Angelique Robinson.

Angelique Robinson, Staff Writer & Social Media Coordinator

Caraval is a novel by Stephanie Garber, it is the first novel in the trilogy. The book is a combination of romance, fantasy and mystery fiction. The story follows Scarlett as she journeys through the game of Caraval to unravel the year’s mystery, so she can find her sister.

Garber does an amazing job of describing events and details of the setting. The details of the mystery are so detailed and the reader gets an idea of what the characters involved are seeing. By describing everything vividly, this makes it harder for the reader to figure out what is important to solving the mystery, which makes it more exciting to read.

Garber’s choice for the structure of the story helped it flow much easier. Each part is a time stamp of how far into the game Scarlet is. The first part gives the reader context, the audience is clued in on the details going on behind the scenes of the game.

Much of the story takes place within the game itself. Each part has an equal amount of action, there is no one part that is more boring than the one before or after it. the part of the story after the game wraps up some of the problems as well as introduces the conflict of the next book, leaving the reader with a small cliffhanger.

The one thing that I wish Garber had gone into more detail about was the lore behind the game and the person running it. There is a small part about how the game started but a chapter or even an entire prequel novel based on the beginning of the game.

It is possible for the reader to stop at the end of the first book given that the last pages do not cause them to be overly curious. Based on my experience reading it I would not stop. The book best suits those who like puzzles, even though all the other genres are prevalent, puzzles and mysteries are the overarching focuses of the novel. The book is a great read if you have down time, the book is 407 pages.