John Bolton’s disagreements with President Trump lead to termination

Lily Belcher, Staff Writer

September 10 brought an end to John Bolton’s two-year tenure with the Trump administration. The third National Security Advisor since 2016 has been known to disagree with President Trump over a variety of diplomatic issues.

In May of 2018, President Trump withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal, against the advice of Bolton. The deal was made in 2015 under the Obama administration and Bolton had been on record advocating for the United States’ presence in the negotiation.

President Trump also butted heads with Bolton in January of 2019. Turkish president, Tayyip Erdogan, refused to meet with Bolton to discuss U.S. troops in Syria. The meeting ended with both Bolton and the Turkish President angered with the conditions of the deal.

On May 26, Bolton condemned North Korea’s missile tests, noting how the tests violated the
resolution made by the United Nations Security Council. President Trump later tweeted about the missile
tests, noting how “some” of his administration were “disturbed”, but said that the missile launches did not
bother him. Many assumed this tweet was to made to undermine Bolton’s previous remarks.

In June, President Trump called off a last minute military strike in Iran that Bolton had supported
and in the following week, Bolton did not accompany President Trump and his delegation in the historic
North Korean summit with Kim Jong Un.

President Trump spoke with NBC that month and called Bolton a “hawk” and said he did not agree with many of his decisions.Last week, which turned out to be the last week of Bolton’s time in the White House, Bolton opposed President Trump’s controversial plan to meet with Taliban and Afghan leaders at Camp David.

President Trump and Bolton continue their disagreements even after Bolton left the White House.
Bolton claims that he had tendered his resignation, however President Trump tweeted that he “informed John Bolton…that his services were no longer needed at the White House.”

He referenced that he and Bolton had had many disagreements, but was thankful for Bolton’s service to the White House. Bolton was succeeded by Charles Kupperman who will be the new acting National Security Adviser.