PlayStation 5 to release during 2020 holiday season

Jordan Dabbour, Business Manager

The PlayStation 5 will be released in between October and December of 2020 in time for the holidays. The PlayStation 5 will be a product to own once it releases in stores late next year. The PlayStation 5 will be a new piece of technology and will have many new features to it. The PlayStation 5 is designed differently compared to the PlayStation 4 as the middle of the new PlayStation will have a “V” shape and Sony is considering a cloud storage based video gaming console. Sony is planning to connect the newly designed controller to your internet system and to play games on a shared server online. This will be interesting on how the new console will work. The PlayStation 5 will also include virtual reality games and will feature a new virtual reality headset.

The games that can be played are going to be played with a disk with each disk having 100GB, which is double the storage compared to a 4K blue-ray player. The PlayStation 5 will also feature a new controller design, but it is unknown what the controller’s name will be, as the PlayStation 4 controller’s name was the DualShock.

Fans should expect the PlayStation 5 to cost more due to it being an entirely new product from Sony and the PlayStation 4 was only 399 dollars. The PlayStation 5 will be the most powerful video game console made by Sony when it releases. This puts pressure on Microsoft as the creators of the Xbox and their competition will be enhanced, due to the release of the PlayStation 5 late next year.

The PlayStation 5 is going to try to compete with Microsoft to try to be the best seller with this new gaming console and Sony looks to continue to be one of the best gaming and electronic manufacturers in the world. To wrap things up, the PlayStation 5 will have a virtual reality headset, over 100GB in every disk that will be played, a new controller with an unknown name, yet to be determined, and many more features. With new upgrades and new features, the PlayStation 5 will be a worldwide sensation to a lot of people who like to play video games.