Senior Brianna Hayes is Durant Cadet of the Year


Brianna Hayes

Jordan Dabbour, Business Manager

Durant High School’s Air Force JROTC program has produced some of the top cadets in Hillsborough County. Durant senior Brianna Hayes was named Durant High School’s Cadet of the Year this year and she was also named a top 10 cadet in all of Hillsborough County.

In an interview, Hayes said “I’ve won multiple awards from National awards for JROTC.” Hayes is not only recognized at her school but is recognized around the United States. Hayes said “receiving the top 10 award means I actually did something great throughout high school that people have noticed. It shows me that I pushed myself from freshman year all the way through my senior year helping people and doing what I love.”

Brianna Hayes

Hayes joined JROTC because she wanted to be more confident and wanted the opportunities that the JROTC program offers. When she first joined JROTC, she said “I was really shy and did not talk to anybody, but now I talk to everyone that walks by and I have the respect from other cadets and students to where they come to me if they need anything.”

Hayes is headed to college to do ROTC for the United States Air Force and she is planning to enter the Air Force as an officer. Hayes’ dream is to become President of the United States of America. She credits her leadership skills that she learned from JROTC in helping her set this goal.