Arrival Protocols

Campus opens at 8 am, students should not be dropped off before

Students will be required to wear a mask upon entering the school

The marquis gate will be Exit only before and after school each day

If travelling south on Turkey Creek Road, drivers should make a right turn onto Summerall Rd before arriving at the main marquis entrance for drop off and pick up. After turning onto Summerall turn left into the first open gate. Follow the lane along the East side of campus and drop students off next to the visitor parking lot

If travelling West on Keysville, proceed past the stop sign at Turkey Creek. Take the first right towards main office, past the flag pole, drop off students, then exit through marquis lane

Student drivers will follow the same traffic pattern (decals will be issued the second week of school)

If taking the bus, students will be required to wear a mask

At 8:25, students will go to homeroom