Wildfires in Northern California

Adamari Jaimez, Staff Writer


A fast-growing wildfire in Northern California exploded and grew by nearly a quarter-million
acres in size Tuesday, September 8. More than 90 major fires have burned over 5,300 square miles.
Thick smoke covers the sky and there had been multiple power outages in California. San
Francisco woke to an apocalyptic orange tinted sky that seemed as if morning had never arrived. The
orange pumpkin smokey sky continued to spread across the San Francisco Bay.
People evacuated buildings and firefighters worked to save lives. The National Guard rescued
over 150 people that had been stranded in the Sierra National forest where the Creek Fire had burned
nearly 70,000 acres.
Compared to last year fires, California has seen over 2,650 more fires and an increase in acres
burned. Last year only 117,586 acres were burned in California compared to 2,277,922 acres burned
from January 1- September 7 2020.



Furthermore, fires in Oregon seemed to be more destructive. A wildfire was driven by 45-mile-
per-hour wind gusts that destroyed hundreds of homes. More than 470,000 acres of homes and habitats
have been burned in Oregon.
Oregon has experienced insane blazes that covers over 800 square miles of the state. Three
thousand firefighters have been battling through about 50 blazes affecting those living in near Interstate
5, Ashland, and Portland.



In Washington, a 36-year-old man was arrested because he was caught starting a fire in a brush
along the highway according to the Washington State Patrol. The incident took place in Puyallup,
Washington. He was immediately put in jail.
More than 50 fires have been ignited in Washington burning over 587,000 acres. The smoke has
polluted the air to hazardous levels, affecting most of the population.
At least 31 people have died in trying to escape the fires and about 200 people are missing. Six
people were killed in the Camp Fire taking the toll to 29. It was a tragic even for those people who lost
family members and their homes.
A total of almost 3 million acres have burned in California. It has been the worst year for wildfire
season in California, Oregon, and Washington state.