Riley Thomas Feature

Mason Gourley, Web Coordinator

Riley Thomas began writing for the Durant PawPrint after his sophomore year, he visited a meet the press gathering and during the meeting he decided to join his junior year.

Thomas plans on writing about wrestling due to his position in the school wrestling team. “I have friends in journalism and they said it was a lot of fun so it got me really interested.” Thomas said.

After high school he wants to join the army reserves, then to look into joining the army rangers. He wants to go as far as he can in the army until he decides where to go next in his career.

As far as his plans go for high school, Thomas said, “I want to see how this year goes and from there I’ll decide if I want to do it again next year.” While he continues this year he can improve his social confidence skills by interviewing teachers and students for articles.

He wants to join MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) along with wrestling since he knows the “basics of each sport” With these last 2 years at Durant, Thomas will discover new talents that journalism reveals for him as he continues his high school plans and future careers.