Republican Incumbent Nominee Donald Trump’s Policies And Campaign Promises

Lily Belcher, Editor

After creating a business empire and becoming a television star on his TV show The Apprentice, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in 2016. Throughout his four years of presidency, President Trump improved the Stock Market greatly, redefined America’s relationship with Iran, and changed the way the US trades with foreign nations.


After the Coronavirus began spreading rapidly into the US, President Trump was forced to shutdown much of the nation, but received backlash because he hesitated to do so early on.

While this shutdown was a hard hit to the economy, President Trump claimed, “We’ve made every decision correctly” because the large number of cases and deaths fell.


The economy has been one of President Trump’s focuses throughout his term, especially during the Coronavirus Pandemic when he worked with Congress to pass stimulus checks to motivate people to put their money back in the economy.

“Biggest and Best in the History of our Country,” President Trump tweeted about the country’s GDP number. “Next year will be FANTASTIC!!!”

Under the leadership of President Trump, unemployment rates have dropped to 3.5% since he was first elected in 2016 due to the growth in American jobs. While President Trump claimed he would support an increase in federal minimum wage, which would be the first federal increase since 2009, he opposed legislation to do so and failed to conclusively state his position.

Foreign Affairs

As Chief Diplomat, President Trump began his term by pulling the US out of multiple partnerships and trade agreements and, most notably, revised NAFTA to bring more jobs to the US. He met with Putin amid rumors of Russia’s interference with the election and visited Kim Jung-un to cease the nuclear threats from both sides. President Trump also conducted successful attacks on two radical Islamic leaders that have threatened the safety of both American and foreign citizens, including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


Although he has accomplished much for the country, he could be considered one of the most controversial presidents. Early into his political career, he took on the left-leaning media sources, calling their reports “fake news.” His frustration with the media has been apparent since his initial campaign in 2016 and continued throughout his term as he used his personal Twitter account to report accurate information about his accomplishments and political events.

The use of his personal accounts irritated many reporters because, since he was not using the official POTUS account, he could block “fake news” sites and journalists. Many have criticized him for not being politically correct and blunt on his Twitter account when dealing with foreign affairs and nationwide protests while some have criticized him for using a social media site for his announcements in general.

He also utilizes his Twitter account to campaign, promoting videos and other posts from politicians that have supported him. While many of his tweets are centered on promoting his own campaign, President Trump has taken the opportunity to attack Democratic Nominee Joe Biden.

“If you vote for Biden, your kids will not be in school, there will be no graduations, no weddings, no Thanksgiving, no Christmas, and no Fourth of July!” he threatened.

Now serving as the incumbent in the 2020 election, President Trump promises to “Keep America Great.” He has hosted multiple rallies despite the looming threat of the Coronavirus to drum up support from essential swing states. While these rallies may present the potential for mass spread of the Virus, President Trump used the opportunity to voice his beliefs and arguments as to why he should be reelected in 2020.