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Lisa Demontmollin is a new reading teacher at Durant High School

New Teacher Lisa Demontmollin Q&A

Lisa Demontmollin is Durant High School’s new reading teacher. This is her first year at Durant, but she has lived and taught in Florida her whole life, including teaching in the Hillsborough County School System for 12 years.

What other schools have you worked at?

I started out at Randall and Rodgers my first few years in the county when I was tenured. And I’ve always been in middle school, so this is my second year in high school, but its really the same. There isn’t too much different except the kids are a little more independent.

Do you prefer teaching high school over middle school?

I do now, yes. Now that I’ve done it I do. I love it

Why did you choose to work at Durant?

My husband grew up around this area and I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Durant and I felt like this was my home calling for me, so I took the opportunity, saw it come up, and this is definitely where I want to stay.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

So, I have a few: landscaping, housebuilding, construction. We’ve been doing a lot of remodeling and scrapbooking, I’ve done that for years. I do some really intricate designs. I used to get paid for it years ago.

Do you do the landscaping and construction for other people?

More for us, but I think that, if I had been in the field when I was younger, I would be doing it now because I love doing it.

What is the hardest part about your job?

Being honest, I tried to connect with the students a lot and its really hard for me and the students to make changes and grow so sometimes hearing that advice or trying to make those changes is difficult because it isn’t always accepted. When the kids are here, I feel like I’m mom number two, so it’s really hard to connect to all of the kids when I have like 130 … I would really like to spend more time with them and there isn’t that much time when you have big classes, so that my biggest concern.

Would you prefer to teach smaller classes?

Yes, yes I would.

Did you teach smaller classes in middle school?

I have but its been years since they let us do the smaller classes. I’m used to having at least 25 kids or more. So, if it happens, its usually because it’s a third or fourth period in middle of the day and that’s the only time I really get the small groups. But, the kids need more of that one on one time in the reading classes I teach because I have lower level readers and they really benefit from that extra time

What is the best part about your job?

Getting to see all the smiling faces everyday… I like to hear what they are going through in their daily lives. I’m watching them grow everyday especially from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. You see this huge transition and I love that, its definitely my favorite part.