Students Of The Month-October


made by Allie Sigl

Every month, teacher nominate students they believe have stood out to them

Rachel Hesse

Students of the Month

At the end of every month, Assistant Principal Stacy Cleary sends out a survey to teachers asking them to send in recommendations for students they feel should be recognized as Student of the Month. One student from each grade level is then selected from the nominated students based on their school successes, whether they have grown as a student or have consistently shown good qualities and academics.

“We try to choose someone… that not only represents our diverse culture here at Durant, but is a worthy applicant,” according to an interview with Cleary.

In October, the four students chosen were, Priscilla Gory (freshman), Laila Martin (sophomore), Jada Ramsey (junior), and Vincente Kapusta (senior). They showed exemplary qualities that both their teachers and administration took note of and thought embodied what it means to be a Durant Cougar.

Freshman Gory has improved from the beginning of the school year as, “she has stepped up to the plate and become a star student,” according to teacher Christin Causey. When she heard she had gotten Student of the Month, Gory was surprised, as she did not think she deserved it.

Sophomore Martin was shocked, as well, saying, “The things that I do to help people, I just do it without thinking.” She was recognized for being, “an active member of our class who thinks outside of the box and explores knowledge with a growth mindset,” according to teacher, Causey. Her humble character when hearing the unexpected news, shows how right the administration was in choosing her to be student of the month.

Junior Ramsey is  “Hard-working [and] committed to being successful in class,” according to history teacher Frank Lane. When she heard she had been named Student of the Month, Ramsey felt accomplished, as she was able to be recognized for her hard-work and commitment after having struggled a little during the first nine weeks.

Senior Kapusta, felt proud, when he heard the news; proud that he could go home and tell his mother that he was recognized for the hard work he puts into his classes. It was his hard work, dedication, and positivity in class that teacher Kathryn Kabrich said led her to nominate Kapusta.

These students portrayed characteristics that the administration highlighted as representing some of the exceptional qualities of a Durant Cougar. Thanks to the outstanding impression in work ethic each student made on their teachers, they were able to be recognized as Student of the Month.