Peru Gets Their Third President In One Week

Adamari Jaimez

After the nation faced an unstable political system, Francisco Sagasti was sworn in as Peru’s third president in a week after the resignition of Manuel Merino, five days after the impeachment of Martin Vizcarra. Sagasti took office November 17, 2020.

Vizcarra was impeached by Congress for the second time over allegations about handing out contracts in return for bribes over the last two months. He agreed to the impeachment vote without taking any legal action.

The removal was supported by 105 of Peru’s 130 lawmakers , more than 87 votes were required for his removal.

Manuel Merino, the speaker of Congress, took the place of Vizcarra but resigned the day after being informed that two protestors died during the protests against his government due to the belief that the system was corrupt.

The young men were identified as Jack Brian Pintado Sanches, 22 and Jordan Inti Sotelo Camargo, 24, who were shot during protests after Congress voted out former President Martin Vizcarra.

After the oust of Vizcarra, Peru turned into turmoil as riot police used batons, shields, teargas, and buckshot against peaceful protestors. Large crowds were targeted by water cannons and there were reports on teargas fired from helicopters flying over downtown Lima, Peru.

More than 40 people were missing and about 90 were being treated from injuries according to the health ministry.

Protestors believe that the system was unjust by using the constitutional clause intended to allow lawmakers to oust a president, who they believe is unfit for presidency and not punishing the wrongdoing committed.

Only 20 percent of Peruvians support President Vizcarra’s impeachment according to a Ipsos poll from late October.

Sagasti was sworn in as the new president due to the thousands outraged by Congress. He promises to restore the trust in government and pay homage to the two men that died during the protests.