New Thanksgiving Traditions 

Mason Gourley

Thanksgiving this year is going to be a lot different. Traditions like playing games, pulling apart the wishbone with a cousin who lives across the country, and filling stadium seats at football games, are in danger of being broken as Coronavirus continues to influence countless lives.   

Families are being forced to have to have small dinners and prepare traditional family recipes for family and neighbors, delivering them so as to not risk those immunocompromised. Families are also suggested to have virtual dinners and sharing recipes to keep with the holiday spirit of giving.  Also, shopping online rather than in person the day after Thanksgiving or the next Monday would be a smart choice.  

The best thing to do would be to watch sports events, parades, and movies from home and to wear a mask while at family dinner would to prevent the spread of the virus between family members.  

During dinnertime, a great tip would be to avoid going in and out of the areas where food is being prepared or handled, such as the kitchen, use single-use options, like salad dressing and condiment packets, and disposable items like food containers, plates, and utensils to lower contamination risks, and serve food that is self-serve only and portioned correctly for everyone.  

Even Black Friday is going to look different this year as more shoppers will be resorting to online shopping in fear of potentially coming in contact with the virus.  

Thanksgiving this year, as suggested by the CDC, should attempt to follow a 99% no contact rule due to the continual rise of cases around the country. Everyone should strive to stay safe, eat good food, and find something to be grateful for even in this time of uncertainty.