Colleges Now Adding Virtual Tours To Help Reach Out To Students


Allie Sigl

Virtual tours are a great way to “visit” colleges during the coronavirus

Nick Travis

Colleges are tapping into 360-degree video and virtual reality to welcome prospective students to campus from hundreds or even thousands of miles away.  

A virtual tour can function as an early sorting tool for students exploring colleges or as a substitute tour for those unable to visit in person. Either way, college officials say a virtual tour is a useful way for students to familiarize themselves with a campus. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has transformed how high school students are learning about prospective colleges. Instead of attending traditional college fair or personal tours this fall, students are now connecting with admissions representatives online and going on virtual tours. 

Colleges have begun to re-create most of the live interactions that students expect to get from an information session or campus visit online. Students can easily explore out-of-state options without needing to travel, allowing colleges to expand their reach. 

Hundreds of schools now offer virtual tours with options ranging from campus photos that users click through, to elaborate options complete with student guides that show off facilities and introduce prospective applicants to current college students.