Sophomore Maggie Lauber Dominates On Durant’s Basketball Court

Lily Belcher, Editor In Chief

Two weeks ago, sophomore Maggie Lauber, starting point guard against Leto High School, dominated on the court with an impressive 24-point game and five steals. After being named player of the game by Coach Al Mitchell, Lauber approached her next game against Leonard High School hoping to continue her exceptional performance-and she did. In last week’s game, she scored 28 points with three steals earning her the title of player of the game in two consecutive weeks. 

Despite only being a sophomore, Lauber has become co-captain of the varsity team through her “dominant play,” according to Mitchell. While her stand out performance may have won her the title, her dedication and devotion to basketball is apparent by the level of skill she portrays on the court. 

Lauber has been playing basketball with her father since she was in first grade, but it was not until middle school that she became serious about her sport.  After playing three years in middle school at Boca Raton, Lauber and her family moved to Plant City, where she enrolled in Durant.  

Hoping to continue as an athlete and basketball point guard and shooting guard, Lauber tried out for Durant’s Lady Cougars’ basketball team and made the varsity team as a freshman. 

“it was really fun. I was really excited. At first, I was really nervous, but once I got to know the team and everything it felt really nice. It was like a second family, said Lauber  

Lauber’s athleticism and passion for the game immediately caught Coach Al Mitchell’s eye. 

“She is quick, she is explosive, she’s very athletic [and] a gifted basketball player because of her athleticism. She works hard [and] is very dedicated. And she is also very skilled, she has worked hard and you can tell in her level of skill that she is able to play at,” Mitchell said about Lauber. 

Since her freshman year, Lauber and Mitchell have developed a strong player-coach bond, which has allowed them to communicate with simple looks from Coach Mitchell directing Lauber during the game. The non-verbal understanding allows Mitchell to advise the best play from the sidelines and their mutual trust allows Mitchell to correct Lauber to make her a better player. 

“I trust anything that he tells me because he’s right about it…I know he is,” said Lauber. “I trust what he says because he’s a really good coach.” 

Lauber’s performance and success on the court is a testament to the importance of player-coach bonds. Through Mitchell’s coaching and dedication to his players, Lauber has developed and refined her skills as an athlete, making her an invaluable part of the Lady Cougar Basketball team.