Students Coming Back from E-Learning

Mason Gourley

As the first semester ends, a new one starts.

Over 300 students came back from e-learning who are going to have to adapt to this new, yet old, environment.

Many students could not wait to come back since they were so bored of e-learning.

All-day, students had to sit in front of a screen and watch videos/zoom to learn. Many agreed it was harder to learn the material online compared to learning on campus.

Connor Mendez, a Junior at Durant High School, said “It would be much easier in school than at home because the teaching is much more interactive in the Edgenuity learning.”

This is what most of those students were dealing with and were just not learning fast enough.

Although students came back to brick and mortar, many still stayed behind as some may have liked e-learning better since they believe that it is safer and could be more beneficial in their own opinion. A downside may be that all their friends could be at school and they are stuck at home.

Since the pandemic, many schools are still on complete lockdown and students are still e-learning, leaving most parents are not happy with their child’s grades.

Students are also limited to what they can and can’t do when on a zoom call or learning by themselves. For example, students can’t really ask questions to a video, they just have to watch it and move on.

Mendez also said “ I wasn’t able to be consistent online with getting assignments done and I really missed being around my friends.”

Overall this says right here from just one student that e-learning wasn’t the best suit for him in the first semester.

A possibility is that students that chose e-learning thought it was going to be like it was when COVID first started and schools were just starting to close.

Students now would have rather picked to go back to school now that they know how much better it was to be back with friends and teachers.