Is Senioritis Really A Thing?

Rachel Hesse, Managing Editor

Senior year is the year when students’ goals are to apply for and (hopefully) get into their dream college, finish off the year strong, raise their GPA, and make as many memories as possible. 

Well seniors… we are about five months from the end of the year now and the time to complete any of these goals is running out. I can say for certain that I have never been more ready or excited to go off to college than I am now. But with that feeling comes the time crunch of things left to be accomplished. 

Every year teachers express how seniors begin to show signs of “senioritis” starting around the second semester of their last year. However, I never expected that this was how it would feel.  

I expected the lack of motivation to do schoolwork and I expected the lack of will to get up and go to school, but I never would have thought that it would be followed with an excitement to accomplish things that were non-high school related.  

Things like learning to longboard, applying for scholarships, looking forward to going to work, doing projects around my house, and adding some new paintings to my wall have become increasingly more appealing activities to spend my time on.     

“If I could be done with school already, I would’ve graduated in December. School is, funny enough, the least important part of my day” says Durant senior Emma Urbanski. 

Despite the urge to be done with school and to get ready for the future becoming greater, it is important to continue to keep up with schoolwork and college preparation.  

A couple ways to do that include, making lists of things that need to get done (either before the end of the week, month, or school year), asking a friend to help keep accountability for schoolwork, or set up a personal reward system that pushes necessary work to get done before going and doing something fun. 

The countdown to graduation in May has started, but there are still 77 busy days left to check the final task off your high school to-do list.