Valentine’s Day

Riley Thomas

Valentines, the day of love! Some people are going to take their valentines on picnics or to a nice restaurant and others won’t have one but that’s okay. Valentine’s Day is going to be a great day for some but a lonely one for others, but this article can help you for both of them! 

When you find a valentine you gotta do something cool and get them some cool things! Chocolates are a necessity. Another thing is flowers, roses or their favorite flowers. Teddy bears are a great addition to the gifts as well! Now some options can be something like tickets to a movie or something like a concert. Some people will go above and beyond and will get things like necklaces or bracelets for their girlfriends or boyfriends, but let’s leave that one for the lovers at Durant high school.  

Next step is you have to take them out for Valentine’s Day! There are a bunch of restaurants in our area such as Olive Garden, and you can get their amazing breadsticks! Or you can keep up simple and just chill at home and watch some movies! Picnics are a great choice for Valentine’s Day, you can go to a nice area such as a park with a lake or wherever, place a blanket down and have food and boom, you are done! Just don’t forget to bring your date with you, it’s very easy to forget with the good food you will bring! Now this idea is for the boys, if your boyfriend/girlfriend has a very young sibling, maybe you should get them something too, especially if you have a great relationship with them!  

Next step is what you have to wear! It is very important that you look nice when you go out with them! It will show you put effort into planning your day with your date! So hand them the gifts you got for them and give them a hug and say happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a day where you are supposed to spread love, so spread some love!