Bucs Win Super Bowl 55

Savanna Davidson

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers arise victorious against Kansas City Chiefs late Sunday night at their home field. Quaterback Tom Brady made his tenth appearance in the Super Bowl wining his seventh, this time in a Buccaneers uniform. Brady broke multiple records Sunday night. Tom Brady and tightend Rob Gronkowski made two touchdowns within the first quarter giving the Buccaneers a promising lead against the Chiefs. The Buccaneers defensive prevented the Chiefs from making their way to the endzone, keeping them to just three field goals. The Buccaneers making 31 touchdowns for their win against the Chiefs. Gronkowski catching two, Antonio Brown catching one, and Leonard Fournette running in a 29 yard touchdown.

Bruce Arians came out of retirement to become the head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Arians was previously the head coach for the Arizona Cardinals from 2013-2017 then retired in 2017. Arians agreed to a four year contract and came out of retirement to become the 12th head coach for the Buccaneers. Arians won his second Super Bowl ring this season with the Buccaneers.

Tom Brady making his tenth appearance at a Super Bowl this year ready to claim another win. This win would mark history in the NFL. Brady getting his seventh ring, fifth MVP, and his first touchdown drive in the first quarter. Brady on the field for the Super Bowl and showing his fans what he can do.

Rob Gronkowski also showing up in the Buccaneers uniform after retiring. Gronkowski and Brady’s teamwork proves to be promising. Brady passing and Gronkowski catching making two touchdowns together in the first quarter.

The Kansas Chiefs put up a challenge, but couldn’t break through the wall of Buccaneers’ defense. Wide receiver Tyreek Hill, know as the Chiefs cheetah, had no running plays and couldn’t get through the tough defense. In total, the Chiefs were able to score three field goals and bring the score up to nine.

The Buccaneers winning their second Super Bowl and continue Tampa Bay’s impressive sports performance in the 31-9 victory.