The Flash Season 6 & 7 Review

Mason Gourley, Multimedia Editor

The Flash is a “different” type of show. With the fastest man on the planet, nobody could stop him, or so they say.


The Flash season 6 finale ended with Eva McCulloch (also known as Mirror Mistress) as the most wanted fugitive in Central City and only The Flash could stop her. Throughout the season, Barry Allen (The Flash) had been losing his speed and he didn’t know why. His wife, Iris West-Allen was kidnapped by Mirror Mistress without Barry knowing and he now has two problems to worry about.

The team captains are Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen. The brains of the team is Cisco Ramon also known as “Vibe”, but chose to get rid of his powers at the end of season 5. The Doctor of the team is Caitlin Snow also known as “Killer Frost” she randomly vanished during season 6 and Barry really needs her back. Joe West and Cecil West both work for CCPD, Joe is the Captain and Cecil is a District Attorney. Ralph Dibney, also known as “The Elongated Man,” is a detective that used to work for CCPD but now has his own business.

Personal Opinion

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Okay now back to the ending of season 6. Personally, I didn’t like how they made Barry’s speed drop so drastically during the last glass fight with Mirror Mistress and leave us with so many cliffhangers. Another upset is that the season ended on episode 19 instead of the usual 23 (but that was due to the pandemic so I guess that could pass). Also, the season didn’t end with a victory but rather a defeat. Yeah, Barry lost a lot of his speed and Mirror Mistress easily outpowered him with glass shards all over him.

The real reason Barry was losing his speed was that he used the Speed Force during Crisis on Infinite Earths to defeat the Anti-Monitor, which led to the source of his power being corrupted and destroyed critically. He was given a watch to show him how much speed he has left in his body but he knew it wasn’t going to be enough.

Future Prediction

Earlier in the show, season 2, Caitlin made a serum called velocity 9, which she adapted several times to try and get closer to a safer version. It’s the most beneficial artificial speed force possibility Barry could use to defeat Mirror Mistress in this upcoming season 7 that continues from his latest defeat.

Current Season Events

The new season 7 episode 1 was released Tuesday, March 1. It starts with Barry in Cryo-sleep attempting to keep his speed from degrading over time, but he wakes up to an emergency with only 1% of his total speed force left in his body. Throughout the episode, Team Flash is trying to keep an eye on tracking down Mirror Mistress. Towards the end of the episode, Nash Wells finds out he is the only way to power the newly created artificial speed force for Barry and takes the risk to save the future Flash and the city for good.