Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter…Trumper???

Former president Donald Trump prepares his return to social media platforms

Trumper, Donald Trumps new social media platform, is now in the making.

Made in Canva (Ayla Yebba)

Trumper, Donald Trump’s new social media platform, is now in the making.

Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer

President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter in January. Since then, Donald Trump and his team have worked to create a new social media platform to bring the former President and TV star back online.

Jason Miller, a spokesperson for President Trump’s campaign, announced that Trump will return with his new platform that is supposed to be released “…in probably about two or three months” Miller also said that “This new platform is going to be big [and will draw] tens of millions of people.”

This new platform is going to be big [and will draw] tens of millions of people.

— Jason Miller

Sophomore Jayden Mathena said, “I think it will have a lot of users and be successful because there are a lot of people out there who support Trump that are quiet about it and those who voted for Biden and realized the mistake they made and could possibly want to show Trump they do support him. By joining this social media platform those who already have supported him his last term and those who have changed their views can do so.”

“It will be a novelty for a year or so then everyone will likely forget about it” said freshman Sam Wold.

According to Statistica, President Trump tweeted and retweeted about 23,000 times total during his presidency. Niall McCarthy, a data journalist for Statistica, pronounced that “Trump tweeted 5.7 times per day on average during his first half year in the White House and that had grown to 34.8 times a day on average during the second half of 2020.”

Because his account is permanently suspended, all of his tweets are now unavailable to the public on Twitter. Donald Trump’s presidency is a part of America’s history, and yet a large portion of his communication during his presidential term has been deleted from history.

Many citizens think that banning President Trump’s Twitter account was an unconstitutional act against his freedom of speech. 

Freshman Victor Lyon said “Freedom of speech is a huge right that everyone gets [from their] basic rights [and] banning someone on social media is a violation of their rights and shows big companies like Facebook [that they] have too much power to censor whatever they want. [This] is concerning because it’s not their place to choose what gets said and what doesn’t.”

Those in support of him being banned think that it was justified because of repeated violations of terms of use.

“Someone wouldn’t get banned from social media if they weren’t bringing some type of mal. Every social media has guidelines [and] I think that all of his tweets being deleted shows the kind of term he had as President” said senior Lisiane Kanauber DaCosta.

A question box was available to Durant students to express their thoughts on Donald Trump’s new social media platform. Surprisingly many seemed confused as to why he was making a social media platform and what the point is. Some students however, realized that his purpose was understandable and his right to do so.

“I think that everyone should have the right to freedom of speech and that this app can be a good way for Trump to voice his opinion…” stated sophomore Gabriella Alba.

Although former President Trump will not be using mainstream social media any time soon, his supporters can look forward to a big return this summer.