Pokemon Legend: Arceus Expected To Be Released Next Year

Savanna Davidson

With the past weeks being Nintendo Direct there was no expectations of the new Pokémon game being announced on February 26th. Nintendo announced a new open world Pokémon game that will bring many new aspects into the world of Pokémon. Pokémon Legends: Arceus takes place in a time before the normalization of Pokémon trainers and legends.  

Pokémon Legend’s new open world has many aspects similar to “Breath of the Wild” and “Sword and Shield”. New places to explore and new map graphics giving the world an older theme. The towns and cities being less developed and unpopulated shows the impact of what Pokémon battles brought to the region. Not only is the map changed, but also it seems that there is a new design for the Pokéballs. The Pokéballs design seems to be made of wood and closed using a zipper. This design is less modern and brings to the feel of the beginning of Pokémon trainers. The new gameplay brings other opportunities to capture and fight Pokémon. Throwing and aiming the Pokéball is a new concept unfamiliar to the players and giving to the game a more realistic gameplay. Sneaking, crouch, and rolling through the region also gives the game the ability to sneak up on Pokémon and catch them without fighting. The regions native Pokémon have been revealed to stay the same, but they seem to be undomesticated by humans and the environment is different feel. The starters for the game are RowletCyndaquil,and Oshawott. The starters seem unfamiliar to the region but the regions starters can be found roaming the wild. The game seems to not have an official Pokémon league and trainers are an uncommon sight. 

The game does not yet have an exact release, but it is expected to be in early 2022. Many people predict the game to be released in February as many of Nintendos releases have been in February. With the game coming out a year from now people are expecting great gameplay and many new attributes to be revealed throughout the year.