So Much For Trump’s Border Wall Biden’s Like Come One, Come All


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Migrants are waiting at the border crossing hoping to gain asylum in the U.S. Many are wearing “Biden, Please Let Us In” shirts and a young migrant girl is holding a sign with the statement “Biden, Please Let Me In”, written in Spanish.

Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer

Over the past eight to nine weeks, a large influx of immigrants has filled the borders and pushed into the United States to claim asylum. President Biden is facing difficult decisions when it comes to the priorities of what needs to be done now that more than 100,000 migrants have crossed onto United States soil since February, and seem to be coming by the thousands.

…a crisis is rapidly building on the southern border with Mexico, as hundreds of thousands of migrants seek entry into the United States, fueled by the hope that the new president will be more welcoming than his predecessor was.”

— The Economists

The Economists wrote that once President Biden was inaugurated, one of his first acts was to sign “an executive action to halt construction of Donald Trump’s controversial and expensive border wall…[but] a crisis is rapidly building on the southern border with Mexico, as hundreds of thousands of migrants seek entry into the United States, fueled by the hope that the new president will be more welcoming than his predecessor was.”

After President Trump’s exit from office, many migrants were hoping that President Biden would be opening the country to them, which is exactly what is happening. Some critics say his executive action called attention to the ability of being able to cross over the border more easily.

Migrant families are hoping to at least get their children over the border, so the chance of them being allowed in will be more likely. Many non-profit organizations are working to help reunite migrant children back with their families. During this time of trying to locate the guardians for the migrant children, many parents may be dealing with deportation or detention procedures.

Elizabeth Lee, a multimedia correspondent for Voice of America, said, “The number of people attempting to cross the border has steadily increased since April 2020. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said worsening economic conditions in Central and South America, exacerbated by the pandemic and natural disasters, are some of the factors that lead people to make the dangerous trip.”

“President Biden has few short-term options to slow the influx without turning to the aggressive deterrence strategies of the past. The administration is pressing Mexico to step up immigration enforcement on its border with Guatemala and along the routes most migrants follow,” wrote a writer for the Wall Street Journal.

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner’s politics editor, stated, “While many voters wanted a kinder, gentler approach than Trump’s, Democrats cannot simply wish away the need for effective border security and immigration regulation short of declaring open borders — a deeply unpopular idea carrying numerous economic and security risks.”

“Under President Donald Trump’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policy, all adults caught illegally crossing the border were subject to prosecution,” said Leandra Bernstein, National Online Reporter and Producer. “In June 2019 [the policy was amended which allowed] children and families to be detained together and zero-tolerance was repealed altogether when Biden took office.”

The U.S. Sun reported Senator Ted Cruz sharing photos of migrant kids crammed into “pods” or “cages”. “These are the Biden cages. Thousands of kids, in the midst of a pandemic, crammed in at 1500% capacity,” tweeted Cruz.

As the United States is undergoing one of the worst pandemics in American history, some would agree with having the borders closed and not let migrants in. Many migrants are coming in unvaccinated and are not tested which could cause a large increase in COVID-19 cases.

Lauren Giella, a reporter for Newsweek, wrote “As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, some people fear that migrants are spreading the virus as they move from the southern border to cities across the country. Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) accused the Biden administration of hurting “law-abiding” Americans by allowing COVID-positive migrants to illegally cross the border.”

Based on a recent student poll from The Pawprint’s Instagram page, out of 59 votes 76% think that Biden is not controlling the southern border well while 24% think he is.

Regardless, while the US is helping out with their fellow countries and the innocent citizens, they run the risk of inviting more issues for the country.