Avery Surrency, High School Senior Who Can Accomplish Anything She Puts Her Mind Too


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Avery Surrency, captain for Durant’s varsity cheer team, takes the next step in her education.

Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer

High school senior, First Maid for the 2021 Strawberry Festival, senior council officer, varsity cheerleader all four years at Durant, and also captain of the cheerleading team her senior year are just a few accomplishments that Avery Surrency has managed during her high school experience. She’s had to face the many struggles of high school which can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes too much to handle. Some students have a harder time dealing with these problems, but Surrency thrives with the stress of high school because she is a determined and ambitious individual.

Surrency has applied to multiple Florida colleges, but her first choice is Florida Gulf Coast University, where she has already secured a spot on the FGCU cheer team.

Surrency hopes to major in Communications and Broadcasting with a minor in Journalism. This will allow her to work towards her dream career as a broadcast journalist. Her experience in high school in pageants and festivals has allowed Surrency to be comfortable when public speaking.

Surrency also mentions that she would like to be involved in a religious aspect when attending college because that is such a huge part of who she is.

“[Durant has allowed me] to get involved with so many different things and it’s given me that opportunity to find out what I truly would like to do in life,” said Surrency.

Surrency is Durant’s varsity cheer captain, which requires being a great leader and role model for other girls on the cheer team. Her friends described her as an outgoing personality and explained how she strives to have the cheer team do well and encourages everyone to be the best they can be. Cheer has been a big part of Surrency’s life and has also let her be a part of the big cheer family at Durant.

Since freshmen year, Surrency has been working diligently towards becoming the varsity cheerleading captain. She hoped to be a good role model just as previous cheer captains were for her and other underclassmen on the team. As the varsity captain, Surrency wanted to be someone that the younger girls on the team could look up to. She strived to be a big sister figure for them if they ever needed encouragement or advice on something.

“She knows how to gleam with the utmost confidence that most people strive for” said junior Ava Moreno. “She treats people with kindness and she really made the most of the ‘high school experience’.”

Many of Surrency’s cheerleading friends see her as a loving captain, good friend, and a girl that has a fun personality with a sense of humor.

“[She is a] positive person and has a bright attitude” mentioned Durant cheerleader and friend of Surrency, junior Ava Starck.

“The first thing I noticed about Avery was how inviting and kind she was to all of the new members of the team,” said Moreno. “She’s very outgoing and is always the first person to introduce herself to a stranger to make them feel included.”

“What I love about Avery is that when she has a goal she does everything in her power to get that goal, she’s a very outgoing sweet girl, and I look up to her for her leadership skills” says sophomore Regan Williams. “She makes me want to be a better person and athlete, I push myself to work harder and be like her.”

Makenna Gerena, freshmen, says “She is an amazing cheerleader, she was such a good captain and made cheering at games always fun.”

“Her hard work ethic [has pushed] our team to be better…” said Stark.

She has pushed me to become a better cheerleader and has always been such a supportive friend and someone that I know I can always come to.”

— Ava Starck

“She has pushed me to become a better cheerleader and has always been such a supportive friend and someone that I know I can always come to.”

As she leaves Durant to start the next part of her life, Surrency has some advice to share with underclassmen. “The biggest thing you could do is to cherish your time… here at Durant. I think that people kind of take it for granted so I would tell them to live in the moment and to enjoy every single bit of high school.”