Junior Jenna Karp And Her Journey To God


Allie Sigl, Design Editor

Growing up in a Christian family, God has always played an important role in junior Jenna Karp’s household. However, it was not until she was older that Karp truly embraced her faith and allowed it to become a central part of her life.

“My grandpa and stepmom were both huge role models for me. They both truly showed me what it meant to be a Christain and to trust God,” Karp said. 

Towards the beginning of eighth grade, Karp received an invitation to attend a youth group at Bell Shoals Baptist Church by one of her best friends to this day, Tyler Eads. Although she has always been close to God, attending Bell Shoals has allowed Karp to grow in her faith and relationship with Him. 

“The very first time I went [to Bell Shoals], I fell in love with the idea of trusting in something bigger than me,” Karp said. “I always wondered what my true purpose was here on Earth, and being a Christian was all about believing in the fact that God has a purpose for me.” 

Jenna Karp was baptized in eighth grade at Bell Shoals

Karp credits a lot of her journey to the close friends and family that have supported and encouraged her to “always go to church, be kind, and grow in [her] faith continuously.” Her close friends helped to arrange a weekly bible study their freshman year to grow and learn together. 

Tyler Eads, one of Karp’s friends who invited her to youth group, discussed how much she has grown and changed as a person the past few years.

“I have seen Jenna grow in her faith… she shows that she solely depends on God to provide every need [and] she believes that God will work all things for her because she loves him,” Eads said. “She has also changed as a person because she has allowed God to make her into an even more loving and caring person.”

Jenna Karp (11) and Tyler Eads (11) have been best friends for years and helped each other grow in God

On social media platforms, Karp is extremely active in showcasing her love for God and uplifting and encouraging others to do the same. 

“I love talking about my faith and God with others as it is what we are called to do as Christians,” Karp explained. “I love seeing people have those “Ah-Ha!” moments when they realize their true purpose and what life is all about, which is love.” 

Throughout her life, Karp has always tried to exemplify love and kindness to everyone she meets. Many of her closest friends have explained how selfless and incessantly loving she is, truly living out God’s word. 

Karp invites anyone nervous to attend church or about their faith to embrace God in their life and remember his love and forgiveness. 

“Christianity is not about following a set of rules. Nothing you have done in the past or even that you are currently doing could disqualify you from the love and forgiveness Jesus has for you.”