Durant’s In And Out Art Show


Savanna Davidson

Durants art club prepares for their big event of the year, the In & Out Art Show!

Months worth of time and skills went into this show for a wide variety of sculptures and paintings. Many students and club members art are presented in the show and their hard work as well. The art club’s dedication and passion is very well presented. Attendees of the art show can buy shirts to show their support and love for the art club’s hard work. The show is located in the library and classes can sign up to go to the show. 

 The variety of artwork shows itself and teaches students the different types of art there is. The show ranges from paintings to sculptures. There are clay sculptures and creative statues made of recycled cardboard turned into beautiful art. 

 The preparation wasn’t easy, but the club showed how dedicated they were to make this show go off without problem. “They worked really hard this year and we wanted to show” said Hannah Goldberg, club member. “Preparations were quick, we put this show together in two days.” The impressive display and quick preparations for the show were worth wild. 

Lauren Collier, an art club e-learner, designed the art shows shirts and attention grabbing sign. Artwork from the club members and art classes are all displayed at the show. Ms. Godheim , art club advisor and teacher, worked very hard with her students so that they were satisfied and happy with showing off their artwork at this event.