Durant First Priority Hosts First Meeting


Susan Flaws

Ethan Cribbs and Kenzleigh Long sing “My Testimony

Lily Belcher, Editor in Chief

On the morning of August 25, some of Durant’s students stepped into the auditorium before school started. Spread out in the seats in front of the stage, students bowed their heads and prayed.

Tyler Eads, a senior, started Durant’s First Priority Club to give students the opportunity to practice their faith with their classmates and at school.

“This ministry could not be accomplished alone and there are many people who have helped me with this project,” said Eads. “Ethan Cribbs, Kenzleigh Long, Ava Starck, Hailee Rawlins, Xander Robbins, Amelia Montes, Mrs. Flaws, Mr. Varnum, Ms. Culpepper, Mr. Graham, Mr. Arment and Chief Johnson have all tremendously helped this club to succeed.”

Their first meeting began with a prayer, followed by a worship song sung by Kenzleigh Long who was accompanied by Ethan Cribbs playing the guitar.

After Long sang “My Testimony,” Eads stepped onto the stage to deliver a message on finding victory in Jesus. He encouraged students to turn to God when they are struggling and at any point in their lives.

“I want people to know it is that there are many people in this world who are looking for the very answer to what their purpose is. I believe that a persons purpose is only found in Jesus Christ, and that is what we are going to preach every week of the school year,” said Eads.

His message was concluded with another song by Long and Cribbs and a prayer before students  went to their first period.

The club plans to meet every Wednesday in the auditorium from 7:50-8:10. It is open to all students, regardless of religious beliefs, and students are encouraged to stop by to worship God before they start their day.

The next meeting will be held on September 8 in the auditorium at the same time. Students are encouraged to join Eads and Durant’s First Priority leaders and bring a friend.