An Update On Homecoming

JJ Davila, Staff Writer

With the ongoing pandemic, the question of “Will there be homecoming this year?” has been a hot topic of discussion for the students at Durant.

Due to the pandemic last year, Hillsborough County Public High Schools were not able to have a homecoming. Now, a year and a half later, the district has finally allowed for public schools to have homecoming.

There are many mixed emotions on homecoming being back on for the students amid concerns over the potential spread of COVID-19.

“I think it is good for the kids as far as getting back to some normal. Covid is not going away so there’s still that concern about what we are going to do about the backlash for having such a large gathering,” said Assistant Principal Candace Culpepper.

The price for homecoming tickets this year will be twenty dollars, and many students have questioned why the pricing is so cheap this year compared to previous years.

“Well, it is kind of last minute for planning. We are not going to have all those big theme decorations this year,” said Culpepper.

With there being a homecoming there is a big possibility that COVID cases may increase. In order “to keep down on the backlash” the administration has decided that there will not be any students from outside schools allowed at the Durant High School Homecoming this year.

Tickets for homecoming will go on sale on Tuesday, September 21 in the Cougar Cave during lunches to students who have a signed permission form. Homecoming will be hosted on October 2nd at 7pm in the gym.