Learn How To Become A TV Pro From The Best


Kinsley Trlak

Mr. Varnum’s 2nd period TV Production Class.

Ayla Yebba, Assistant to the Editor

TV Production is a class full of excitement, creativity and opportunities. From filming “Den” episodes for Durant’s club day to making intros for the morning show, DHS Today, TV Production is an amazing class taught by Durant’s one and only Clayton Varnum. 

Varnum has been teaching since 2015 at Durant. Recently, Varnum has been promoted to Head Coach for Durant’s varsity football team. He is also a Gym teacher at Durant and is the advisor for the FCA club.

“I was an Agriculture teacher originally for one year, and then I [taught] TV Production and Agriculture for three years. For the last three years I’ve taught just TV Production,” said Varnum. “Mr. Hillsman was my teacher [when I took TV Production].”

“I love funny stuff. I like videos that make people laugh,” Mr. Varnum said when asked what type of videos he likes to watch from his students. 

Lisee Griffin (senior), Jez Vazquez (senior), Zach Crosby (junior), Mason Ritenauer (junior), and Deepak Joseph (junior) are students in Varnum’s TV 3 and 4 class that he says stand out with the videos they make.

I like TV production a lot. I think it’s challenging. It’s a cool elective because you don’t have to be good at it to get good at it”

— Mr. Varnum

“I like TV production a lot. I think it’s challenging. It’s a cool elective because you don’t have to be good at it to get good at it,” said Varnum.

Sophomore Skylar Sewell says, “It’s a fun class where I get to express creativity while still learning important skills.”

Many students decided to take TV Production because they already knew Mr. Varnum. 

“I took TV production because I love Mr. Varnum so much,” said senior Tyler Eads.

Other students were introduced to the TV Production class because it fits the required performing art credit students need to graduate. Even though that may of been some students initial reason for joining the class, many have stuck with it for most, if not all, four years of high school because they like Mr. Varnum and enjoy the activities provided to them.

“Mr. Varnum is a great teacher and the class is a whole lot of fun,” said sophomore Mohamed Elsharkawi.

TV Production is not only a great class because Mr. Varnum is an overall student favorite; this class allows students the opportunity to pursue a field they may be interested in. If they want to be in the public eye when they’re older, specifically a position like a news anchor, TV Production offers the chance to be on DHS Today and share school-wide information to Durant’s students. It also provides a creativity aspect when it comes to planning videos, picking the perfect music, filming the best angles, and then editing all of the clips together with special effects.

“I thought it would be interesting and I was right. We make and create a lot of cool and funny videos,” said junior Hailey Maddron. “I definitely recommend this elective.”