One Of A Kind, New Spikeball Club Is Introduced At Durant


Durant Spikeball Club's Instagram

The “founding fathers” sit down to plan the beginning of their new Spikeball Club.

Ayla Yebba, Assistant to the Editor

Durant’s newest club created and run by seniors Grant Greenwell, Tyler Eads, Brett Martin, Cade McClellan and the club’s advisor Jake Baer may be one of the most popular clubs at Durant now. With over 200 members, the Spikeball Club welcomes more students to join the fun with their friends and play some spikeball.

The idea for the new club came at  the end of last summer, mentioned Tyler Eads, vice president of Durant’s Spikeball Club. Once the new school year started, the spikeball club’s “founding fathers” started working diligently to finalize details and get the club ready for students to join  on the first club day in September.

“We thought it would have a lot of interest, but definitely not as much as we got,” said President Grant Greenwell. “I like spikeball because it’s a great way to bring everyone together and you don’t need to know [how to play] at all [because] we’ll teach you!”

For students unfamiliar with spikeball Brett Martin offered a brief explanation. 

“So you have your partner and then to start off [the game] you have to serve [the spikeball] into the net to the other team. They have three hits between them and their partner to hit it back into the net. The goal of the game is to make the other team not hit it back into the net or to hit the rim of the net [instead],” said Martin.

Eads said that spikeball is “…very competitive. You have to have good stamina because there could be a game for 10 seconds or 5 minutes.”

Spikeball club members were impressed with how the first meeting turned out.

“The first club meeting had a good atmosphere and everyone seemed excited about it,” said senior Adrian Perez. “Spikeball is a lot of fun because it’s a perfect place between being competitive and just having a good time.”

Multiple club members mentioned that a main reason for joining was to be with their friends. Some students even joined with little to no experience with the game, but still wanted to play as a part of this new club.

“I joined the Spikeball Club so I could hangout with friends and play some spikeball,” said senior James Turner. “I love the game!”

Senior Tyler Newell says, “What I like about spikeball is that it’s a fun thing to do with your friends and that it’s not hard to learn.”

The officers made a few changes to the game to increase competition and fun for the players. 

“[We wanted] to have set teams so that we could record standings, because at the end of the year we wanted to have a prize [for the winning team], just to make it even more competitive,” mentioned Eads.

There is always the opportunity to still join the club if any students are interested. The club only asks that new members pay $5 to join the club to fund the purchase of new spikeball nets.

From weekend tournaments in the making, to the chance of winning prizes, there are countless things club members can look forward to in the future. 

Who knows, maybe the “founding fathers” can get other schools on board with starting their own spikeball clubs and then there can be tournaments between schools.