Go Green Club

Go Green Club

Jorge Rodas, Staff Writer

The Go Green Club is gold club at Durant sponsored by Mrs. Shaw in guidance that teaches students about caring for the environment and cleaning the community. The Go Green Club members hold their meetings on club days during third period in the faculty dining lounge room where they discuss community service projects.

Due to all the trash and waste in the community, there is more pollution on the planet today. The hope of this club is that “students learn how can they positively make changes in what they do like can they recycle,” as Mrs. Shaw explained.

The club’s long term goal is to do a recycling project for Durant to help students recycle what is usually just thrown in the trash. In addition, another goal is that students learn to go and enjoy the outside more in the days of technology and phones.

The Go Green Club is one that people interested in the outdoors would love. When the club is not doing community service, they are still outside doing other activities.

“We are hiking kayaking or even doing fun crafts on picnics,” explained Go Green Club President Molly Rice. Rice is the president of the club alongside Macyn Graham. Rice and Graham have played huge parts in helping the club run smoothly and drawing in 40 new members.

As a result of having over 40 members of the Go Green Club, the students got to meet new people and talk to them while doing fun community projects. Members of the club are in an open and fun friendly environment.

“I have been able to meet many students from different backgrounds and make a lot of friendships,” said member Shelina Persad.

The Go Green Club’s next project is going to take place at Ed Medard Park where they are planning to help clean up the area. Additionally, the club is also going do beach clean ups, while trying to brainstorm ways to increase the recycle program at Durant.

To get more information about the club or how to help with some of the community projects, contact Mrs. Shaw in guidance or contact the Molly Rice and Macyn Graham by text or direct messages on Instagram. Make sure to follow the Go Green Club on Instagram for more information.