Discover Durant’s National Art Honor Society


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An art piece featured in the NAHS Art Show

Cristina Hauerstein, Staff Writer

National Art Honors Society, or NAHS, is one of Durant’s clubs! It is sponsored by Jake Bowers and the club meets on club days and after school from 3:30 to 4:30. Right before Thanksgiving, the students of NAHS put on their art show at the library.

The club is run by student members led by President Lauren Collier, Vice President Taylor Migliorini, Community Service Liaison Joel Patron-Vigo, Historian Logan Duggal, and Secretary Ollie Goldberg along with the other artists in the club.

“I joined in my sophomore year after my art teacher encouraged me to join…. I joined [NAHS] to make new friends who also loved art and to learn new skills!” said President Lauren Collier.

Collier is now a senior at Durant and she loves being part of the club. NAHS is a club centered around art-related community service projects and it is also responsible for putting up the art show at Durant every year. They also design and print new t-shirts for club members every year for fundraising.

“My favorite part is always the art show! Being able to see why peers work as well as showing off my own is a great way to uplift students and make new friends!” Collier added.

The club is more than just making pieces of art but also becoming confident on what you love to do and show it to the world but also meeting new people and being able to shear that passion with each other.

The art club is preparing to paint a mural at an elementary school and one at Durant so when it’s done, students are encouraged to see it and support their artist peers. Follow NAHS on Instagram: @durant.nahs and share their posts so more people can see their talent and upcoming events!