Meet The Climate Club

Durant Climate Club offers students new ways to get involved in protecting the earth

Made by Cristina Hauerstein in Canva

Durant Climate Club offers students new ways to get involved in protecting the earth

Cristina Hauerstein, Staff Writer

The climate club is a great place to start helping take care of the environment. With the help of the club sponsor Elizabeth Lennon, the club is able to do this at Durant high school and in the district to slowly make the earth healthier and motivate others to do so as well. Besides doing events after school and weekends, the club meets 2nd period in Lennon’s room on club days.

The club’s members are led by President Isabelle Hoofnagle, Vice President Ashley Irovando and Board Directors Ryan Gagnon, Joel Patron-Vigo and Lauren Collier. The group participates in park clean-ups, attend climate protests, and research ways they can all help combat climate change.

“I joined because I heard about it from a friend and I wanted to help and I also joined because I wanted to learn how I could make a difference,” said Lauren Collier. Being part of this club means commitment, patience and love for the planet and it can also make its members feel like they are making a difference and it motivates them to do more and more. Everything helps!

Besides helping the environment and making progress in the community, members also get to meet new people.

“My favorite part has been attending a climate protest downtown Tampa with my peers and other passionate members of our community,” Collier said.

Getting more people involved helps them also grow as a person, make new friends who have the same passions as them, and can get more things done for the county

The climate club is preparing for a beach clean up late January or early February and students can also follow their Instagram to show support for the club as well as joining next year @dhs_climateclub