Make An Impact Through The Impact Club


Jorge Rodas, Staff Writer

The Impact Club is a club at Durant sponsored by math teacher Susan Flaws. The goal of Impact Club is to “help students think about choices they make in their life,” explained Flaws.

The Impact Organization has the main goal of stopping high risk students from making bad decisions in their lives that effects them in a negative way. Students learn to refrain from drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and other harmful behaviors,  helping students become clean, innocent members of the community.

Durant’s Impact Club usually meets after school with other Impact Clubs in the area and discuss how to not make bad decisions. With this type of interaction, the student members can form connections with others students that can help each other make good choices in life.

The Impact Club also comes with a lot of community service events that members can do to get their community service hours for scholarships.

Flaws stated, “Students can volunteer as active servers at their annual banquet.”

The banquets gather members of the Impact Organization to help them come up with ways to not engage high risk behaviors in life. These banquets are part of events the whole Impact Organization runs and Impact Club member can volunteer to help with.

The Impact Club members are also allowed to become summer interns to do kids programs and skits teaching the kids not to engage in risky behaviors. The summer internship can help can students community service hours as well. The club members can also help with the upcoming fundraiser for the Impact Organization.

Students who wish to join the club have to agree to not engage in the previous mentioned risky behaviors. The members meet in room 419 on Club Day to discuss and plan events with the Impact Organization. If students are interested to learn more, they can meet with Susan Flaws.