Want To Become A Future Business Leader Of America?


Durant FBLA Instagram

Durant’s 2021-2022 FBLA officers.

Ayla Yebba, Assistant to the Editor

Becoming a future business leader takes a lot of good work ethic and preparation. If only there was a way to help students get practice and gain knowledge on what it takes to become a successful business leader. 

Durant’s Future Business Leaders of America Club (FBLA) offers a helpful learning environment for students wanting to pursue a career in business or have the hopes of becoming an entrepreneur in the future.

Currently, FBLA is being managed by its 2021-2022 officers and advisor, as well as Business/Entrepreneurship teacher at Durant, Rebecca Sherman.

Ever since Sherman started teaching at Durant she became very interested in FBLA and the benefits that can come from being a part of it. 

“After my first year of teaching [at Durant] I took a very strong interest in it and decided to become the advisor to make sure I could grow and continue to move forward,” said Sherman.

Sherman understands that even though FBLA has business in the name it is so much more than that. 

FBLA consists of meetings for club members as well as competition opportunities, which includes going on trips and planning/preparing for competitions. 

The club also helps members network and build connections with other professionals in the workforce. This can help each member tremendously when they are looking for a career. 

Many club members appreciate the opportunities made available to them.

“[FBLA] gives them a lot of good opportunities for learning at the different conferences. There’s a lot of workshops they can do where they can learn about different things; whether they’re focusing on themselves or how to deal with other people or how to become a leader in their field,” said Sherman.

Tucker Ledford, senior and FBLA President, said that FBLA is a great opportunity for students to learn different areas of business and practice networking early. It encourages club members to practice and develop a variety of different skills and abilities needed in different work fields. 

“I like the opportunities FBLA has given me. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different and talented people on leadership and at competitions. FBLA gives people a chance to network and hone their business skills. It gives them a chance to see where they fit in in the business world…,” said Ledford.

Ledford has been in the club all four years of high school. He initially started FBLA because of his interest in business and being able to develop his skills and knowledge he needs in the business world. 

Some more specific opportunities that are made available to FBLA club members is the possibility of gaining mentors, participating in internships and earning scholarship programs.

“[In FBLA] you can get scholarships and service opportunities and also meet new people,” says junior and Reporter for FBLA, Joseph Garcia. “I want to go to law school to be a business lawyer so I thought it would be the perfect club [to join].”

Besides learning about business and entrepreneur skills in FBLA, there are other reasons students really enjoy being a member in the club.

I’d have to say my favorite part about FBLA is Mrs. Sherman. She does her best in guiding us officers to run a successful club and she’s super understanding. She’s always helpful,”

— Aizlyn Potter

“I’d have to say my favorite part about FBLA is Mrs. Sherman. She does her best in guiding us officers to run a successful club and she’s super understanding. She’s always helpful,” says senior and Vice President Aizlyn Potter.

Potter first joined the club because she was interested in the competitive aspect of the club and the different topics being taught. She is now in her second year of the club.

Junior and Treasurer of FBLA, Christian Van Brunt, enjoys being able to learn about the best ways to run a business and practice competing in competitions. Being offered multiple service opportunities and learning the start up process for a business is also a factor he enjoys.

With regards to upcoming events, FBLA club members are working on districts which are currently scheduled for January. States are held in March followed by Nationals which will be over the summer.

For students who may be looking forward to joining FBLA, the club is unable to take any new club members right now, but students can check them out next year at the club preview to learn more about FBLA and how to become a future business leader of America. Contact Durant’s FBLA club Instagram @durant_fbla for more information or with any questions.