Join Durant’s Criminal Justice Club!


James Smith is the sponsor of Durant’s Criminal Justice Club and works alongside President Emaly Martinez.

Skylar Lisiesky, Staff Writer

The Criminal Justice club, also known as the SWAT club, is held at Durant High School. The club focuses on elements of law enforcement and material taught in the criminal justice class. This club was launched several years ago before the current president, Senior Emily Martinez, started at Durant and is sponsored by James Smith.

SWAT works mostly hands-on with interactive experiences, such as learning how to save crash test type dummies in dangerous situations and figuring out the best solutions to determine who might be a criminal.

Martinez said that she plans to pursue criminal justice in college, saying “I plan to pursue a career in law enforcement and study criminal justice, as well as, law.”

This club wants to help create passion for law enforcement and crime-watch activity in students that will hopefully inspire them to continue the focus in the future.

Smith loves running and sponsoring this club. He tries to get the students involved with what they’re learning and teaching them skills for the future. The SWAT club doesn’t only teach criminal justice skills, but also teaches life skills helpful for when you leave high school and live on your own. These skills prepare students for what may happen in case of an emergency in any location such as the gym, grocery store, or even a neighborhood.

President Martinez shared that she enjoys leading the criminal justice club and, “[being president] is about leading by example and listening to others so that the club can be better for members who will join after I leave.”

This club has impacted Martinez to continue criminal justice in her future and continue to improve her leadership skills.

See Smith in the downstairs 200 building with any questions or for information on how to join.