Resoluting The Way To A New Year


Ajish Kannamala

Ajish Kannamala already working on his New Year’s resolution.

Ayla Yebba, Assistant to the Editor

The tradition of New Year’s revolutions started about 4,000 years ago with the ancient Babylonians and today, Durant students follow in their footsteps working to have the best year ever by creating a goal or resolution that will help them in the new year.

Some of the most common ones that people have heard of would be resolutions like eating  better, getting more sleep, being more productive and/or to start working out. 

Although these ambitious Americans go into the new year with this resolution hoping to make their new year better, at times it can be hard to stick with such a goal.

“Sometimes in some of my classes I fall asleep even when I don’t mean to,” says junior Alina Benny. “I feel that if I can fix my sleep schedule that I can be more attentive in class and be more encouraged to do better as well.”

On the other hand, when asking Durant students what their New Year’s resolution was many of them had very unique goals and resolutions for 2022. 

“I’d like to be able to walk again,” says sophomore Jovan Ortiz. Ortiz tore his ACL and MCL during a Varsity football game when he “made a cut outside than in”. He’s been on crutches for almost 2 weeks and should be fully recovered in five to six months.

Juniors Arianna Hazel and Hope Hall want to focus on the positive side of all outcomes and not let negativity change who they are. 

Hall is also hoping to stay more organized this year.

Staying organized and not allowing stress to be overpowering would be very helpful to the students that are wanting to finish their high school credits early.  

“My New Year’s resolution is to be done with all my required credits by at least May and for it to not be too much,” says junior Ajish Kannamala. “I’d also like to get a girlfriend without trying so hard.”

Other students are hoping to make more money by working in order to pay for their personal expenses and desires. 

“I’d like to make more money so I can spend it on more shoes and clothes,” says junior Gerrade Quinn.

No matter how hard or challenging a New Year’s resolution may be, it’s inspiring to make a goal for a whole year and work towards achieving it. It’s even more inspiring to see those who have succeeded with their resolution and are happy with their overall outcome depending on what they were resoluting. 

Good luck to everyone in the 2022 year with hopes of success for all of the New Year’s resolutions made.