Durant Student Councils


Jorge Rodas, Staff Writer

Throughout high school, there are several ways students can get involved at Durant High School. Durant High School has a bunch of clubs, sports, and councils that students can do at the school.

The student councils at Durant are a group of students chosen to represent the student body  and help with the events. Each grade level has its own student council of students chosen in that grade. Any student can sign up to join and will be voted to be a member of their respected council.

Once a student is a member of the student council, they can run for a leadership position in the council. Positions that can be held by students are President, Vice President and other key roles.

To be in the school council, you have to meet some requirements to be able to sign to be part of the council. The requirements for the council are to have a good GPA and a good behavioral record in school. Once a student signs up to be part of the council, there is another process that they have to go through to become a confirmed member of their student council.

“To be in your class council, there’s normally an election that is held,” said class of 2025 Student Council member Mary Baker about the elections for the student councils. “This year, due to the low amount of people that applied, the freshman election was waived and everyone who signed up was automatically elected.”

People who are members of the Student Council have different reasons why they wanted to be part of the council. The reasons are usually that they wanted to be part of the community in school and to be part of something to help around school.

“I wanted to be able to make a positive impact on our school community,” said class of 2024 Student Council member Madalyn Potter, “[By] helping out teachers and students around the school.”

Potter explain how she saw the positive impact that could be one of many reasons why people choose to be part of the student councils.

Those who are in the student councils have sense a love for the environment and the people in it.

“I love being a member of council,” said Ayla Yebba, president of the Junior Council.  “I’ve been on it for three years and hoping to be on council next year.”

One of the reasons the councils are a huge thing for the students is the benefits of being in the student councils. Students can get recognized by there peer and teachers.

“Benefits I’ve noticed is being closer with administration and my grade level,” said Senior Student Council member Laura Marzullo about personal benefits she have seen.

Marzullo continued: “I enjoy talking to them and being recognized.”

If any student that meet the requirements wants to join next year, they can submit an application due on April 1.