The 2021-22 Yearbook Is Coming Your Way


Durant Yearbook Instagram

the yearbook staff wearing their ‘merica day outfits for spirit week

Cristina Hauerstein, Staff Writer

This yearbook’s staff has worked day and night to complete the book just for Durant High School students, and all the effort they have put in is finally paying off as the yearbook is soon to arrive at the school so the students can enjoy it and see all the memories they have made.

The crew has been working on this year’s yearbook since last year.

“We have worked hard on the book for the past several months, so seeing everything fall into place and be completed is a wonderful feeling,” said Tayla Soule, the yearbook teacher.

The staff was also able to attend more events, making it easier to add more pictures and new topics to the yearbook, so it’s more exciting and inclusive of the student body.

“This book has more of a traditional style, so we think it will be much easier to find the content you are looking for.” Soule added.

Although the yearbook being done is an accomplishment, they had some struggles to get to where they are.

“I have had to figure out a few times how to start a mod.” said yearbook staffer, Ericka Boser who is thinking of becoming an editor and wants to try to accomplish more next year than she did this year as a new challenge.

Another obstacle they find themselves in is meeting deadlines, said Ella Porter, but they always find a way to organize themselves and get it done in time.

Even though the struggles, there are still more good moments in the yearbook room.

“Being together as a staff is the best part about creating a yearbook. We work together and support each other through the crazy process.” Porter said.

She loves being surrounded by such amazing staff and people who want to create such an amazing yearbook.

“It’s nice to see what you have accomplished over a certain amount of time,” Boser said.

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