Durant’s Spring Pep Rally


Mackenzie Lemus, Staff Writer

Durant’s Spring Pep Rally of the 2021-2022 school year was on March 25 and was a huge success! This pep rally was filled with lots of entertainment, including a very intense game of musical chairs, a music lyric race, a DJ, and a beautiful rendition of The National Anthem. After all was said and done, the Senior class celebrated their victory and relished in the moment of their last high school pep rally.

The Student Government (SGA) is to thank for another amazing pep rally. The SGA manages and organizes school events to get students in the school spirit.

Dennis Bolender, a member of the SGA, said, “We do things like pep rallies, lunch on the lawns, and various other activities but more importantly we try to break the monotony of everyday school and try to make some memories that students will remember fondly later in life.”

Student councils are also a big part of giving a pep rally its pep.

Skylar Sewell is a part of the 2024 Sophomore Council and commented, saying, “We all decorate the student sections, pick game participants and hype up our class.”

Due to Covid-19, planning pep rallies and events for students proved to be a challenge, but the SGA got around it. When planning a pep rally, the Student Government has to get the event approved and then plan all of the activities. The games, entertainment, singers, music, and more.

Dennis stated, “I’d say the biggest difference in planning from the previous pep rally to this one is that we have a lot more freedom for how we could plan it.”

The first pep rally of the year took place on the football field which can come with complications, but again, the SGA was determined.

“This pep rally we had a lot more freedom and I believe it showed in the spirit and participation of the students.”

As the Senior class goes on and underclassmen advance, the student body always looks forward to pep rallies and can not wait for the next one the SGA and councils plan.