Durant AVID Students Go On A Field Trip To UF


JJ Davila, Staff Writer

Durant’s AVID program has been a wonderful class for students who struggle with finding a path after high school.

On March 22, Constance Mitchell, Durant’s AVID teacher, provided her senior, junior, and sophmore class the opportunity to tour the University of Florida.

The tour guide was former Durant alumni, Meghan White. She lead the AVID class through different iconic sites in UF, such as, the Football Stadium, the French Fry Statue, and a secretly graffitied tunnel that lead under a main roadway.

The AVID class got to learn about different forms of college life, other than the educational part.

White talked about night life, Greek life, and the educational aspect of college.

Throughout this school year, Mitchell has helped her seniors apply for college, scholarships, and become committed to their dream schools.

“I felt that today was one of the most relaxing campus tours I’ve been on. Even though UF is not the school I’ll be attending, it was eye opening to see a college environment like theirs,” said senior Tamia Williams.

This college tour provided the seniors with one last opportunity to be together as a class and enjoy their last semester.

For the junior and sophmore class, this trip was a way to expose them to college life. Next year they’re going to start doing college tours and deciding what school will help them further their career plans.

With Mitchell providing them the opportunity to go on this field trip, many of her students have said it aided their knowledge in what to except in college.

This AVID trip was not only memorable to the junior and sophmore class, but especially memorable to the seniors. This was their last bonding opportunity as a class and they enjoyed every minute of it.