Congratulations to the 2022-2023 School Year’s Elected Council Members


Mary Baker, Staff Writer

On Monday, April 12th, Durant’s student body took a vote on their council for the next school year. The list is as follows:

Senior Council– Class of 2023

Gabby Alba, Paige Delaney, Natalie Doucette, Adriana Forte, Hayley Fresh, Peyton Haxton, Isabel Hernandez, Chole Reynolds, Molly Rice, Kinsley Trlak, Christian Van Brunt, and Ayla Yebba

Junior Council– Class of 2024

Ericka Boser, Leah Brown, Rachel Cabrera, Sophia Cristiano, Kaylee Cribbs, Taylor Crone, Leah Gainer, Maggie Lorentzen, Madalyn Potter, Hailee Rawlins, Gabby Sabik, Skylar Sewell, Abby Storm, and Morgan Wilson

Sophomore Council– Class of 2025

Mary Baker, Lyla Bent, Carly Dunphy, Darielys Garcia Hernandez, Kayla Hanson, Sevena Ivey, Isabella Leto-Barone, Christopher Moreno, Kylie Noland, Alaina Norris, Alexander Robbins, and Chesnee Wink

Congratulations to all of these students, as they will make amazing decision makers for their class. Freshman council will be voted on in the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year due to the current absence of their class at Durant. Those who were voted onto council and are interested in holding an officer position are welcome to attend interviews after school on May 16th.