Durant’s Science Honor Society/Science Competition Club


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Durant’s Science Honor Society club piques interest with science lovers.

Charisma Knowell, Staff Writer

Science Honor Society (SHS)/Science Competition Club (SCC) is a club offered at Durant High School.

Members of the club are involved with science related activities and compete with other schools in the state, mainly in the county.

Missy Allison is the sponsor of Durant’s Science Competition Club. The Science Honor Society/Science Competition Club is a great place to meet friends and have fun while learning more about science.

“Anybody can join our club. If you have an interest in science and you’ve got a kind of a competitive edge and you like to do those kinds of things, anybody can really join. There are no restrictions,” said Allison.

Competing in a variety of different science competitions is the central focus of the club. The National Science Bowl and the Science Olympiad are just a few of the different competitions the club participates in each year. The National Science Bowl was the first competition the club competed in, which took place back in February on the nineteenth.

“My favorite memory was participating in the trebuchet event at a competition in HCC,” said club member, Eilleen Jelsovsky. “During the event, we were placed next to another high school team, and it turns out they didn’t have any idea what to do. While building our machine, we actually gave them some pointers to help them out, and we ended up getting to know people from a school we had never heard of prior to the event.”

Jelsovsky had been practicing with building smaller models for a while, so she was excited to build a larger model with a couple of club members.

Returning SHS club member Vito Nicolaci says that his favorite part of the club is when they got to travel to the Science Bowl in Gainesville.

“When I did it freshman year, I was highly unprepared and really nervous to even be at the University of Florida, and even though we didn’t necessarily do good, my team and I had this bonding experience as well as desire to win in each and every single round,” said Nicolaci. “It was a day that stuck to me ever since, and I got to meet a lot of like-minded people too.”

Jelsovsky stated, “The team bonding that goes on during competitions is [another one of] my favorite parts of SHS/SCC. We have to work together a lot in all our events, so you get to know most if not everyone in your club. It’s fun being able to connect with like-minded peers.”

Are you ready to learn more about science? Are you looking for others that have the same interest in science? You can find that at the Science Honor Society/Science Competition Club while having fun. To find out more, please see Ms. Allison in Room 803.