Senior Prom 2022



Gabby Malloy and friends posing in front of the 2022 sign at prom.

Cristina Hauerstein, Staff Writer

Durant seniors celebrated one of their most awaited activities of the year on Saturday April 30 at the Brandon Regent. This year’s prom theme was “The Great Gatsby” and the 2022 student council really out did themselves with stands of figures dancing like they did in the roaring twenties; they were dressed in the fashion of those times with bead necklaces that students could take home as souvenirs.

The event started at 7:00 p.m. and ended around 11:00 p.m. Upon entering the prom, there were big crowds of students walking in to take group or individual pictures in front of the themed background and students also waited in line to vote for the 2022 prom king and queen.

“Partying with my friends and being around them was so much fun. That was my favorite part,” said Gabby Malloy.

Many students danced on the dance floor all night with their friends or dates, while others hung out in crowds to talk and laugh.

“Going out after to eat with my friends while all mutually feeling the pain of dancing in three-inch heels was just a different experience. It made everything more surreal.” Malloy added.

A lot of people went out for dinner after prom, leaving earlier and spending more time with friends and relaxing after being surrounded by loud music and big and tight crowds.

“I’d say the before prom was more exciting because I got to get ready with a friend and had an amazing dinner, and it was so much fun,” said Chloe Resler.

During prom, there was a pause to announce Durant’s prom king and queen from the 2022 prom court. Prom King Jared Sweat and Prom Queen Angel Gaston were the lucky students picked by the prom attendees.

”I just thought that it would be fun… It was a great experience. I wasn’t too hyped about the dance because I’m just terrible at dancing but the crowd made things super enjoyable and I got to go up on stage with a ton of cool people so it was worth it,” said Sweat.

This year’s prom can be described in multiple ways, but some of the most common words used were exhilarating, eccentric, and fun.