The Emmy’s???…No! The Varny’s.


TV Pro students with Varnum after receiving their awards.

Ayla Yebba, Editor in Chief

This year Durant High School offered a new type of award…“The Varny’s” named after Durant’s TV Production teacher Clayton Varnum. This new award ceremony was created to celebrate the talented students of Durant’s TV Production classes.

Throughout the school year, the TV Pro students worked to create videos for the monthly Durant Cougar DEN episodes. They also filmed the Durant news show DHS Today and filmed several segments for the 2022 senior video. Each video these students created was entered into a certain category that was randomly chosen for them through a “spin the wheel” process in class. TV production students typically form groups and work together to film and edit videos throughout the year.

For the Varny’s, seven categories were established for students to submit videos for review. The categories included Comedy Award, The Bovee Award (How Tos), Best Use of Music, Best Series, Student Choice Award, The What…? Award and The Golden Varny.

Each group submitted the best videos they made throughout the year for each category with the hopes of winning an award. Some students were shocked that they were selected to receive an award for their videos.

AJ Elliot joined TV Pro after being in a TV Pro class in middle school. He really enjoys the class because he likes editing and turning raw footage into something that entertains viewers. Elliot’s group won the Best Use of Music Award. “I was surprised at first. I was very proud that we actually won one of the higher awards,” said Elliot.

Jeslynn Stamps has been in TV Pro for two years and said she was honored to be recognized with a Varny award. “I felt like a rookie, but I appreciate that people actually enjoyed watching what me and my group put together which let us know that what we made was good,” said Stamps.

Other students weren’t surprised that their video submission won the award because their videos perfectly represented the category they submitted for.

Amy Bak has been in TV Pro for three years and became interested in the class because of the editing that goes into making each video. Besides editing, she enjoys filming videos and the students in her class. “I was kind of expecting to win the award because it fit the category so well, but I was surprised to win the Cougar Pride award,” said Bak. “I felt so excited to win the award because it was one of the first Varny’s.”

Durant TV Pro students can look forward to the Varny’s award ceremony next year and beyond. They’ll have to work hard all year to create the best videos out of their class to be considered for a Varny award.

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