Durant Welcomes the Class of 2026


Audrina Rogers

Freshmen decked out in USA theme for last Friday’s football game.

Charisma Knowell, Staff Writer

The first day of school is always intimidating, but for freshmen it can be a little more challenging because of the transition from middle school to high school. Freshman year is filled with many challenges that help form their life after graduation.

Many freshmen do not know what to expect when starting high school. Hope Kachurak explained, “I think I’m really looking forward to being involved in Freshmen Council, if I get elected, and maybe the soccer team if I make it.” Both Logan Glynn and Mallory Chancey stated they are most looking forward to the football games this school year.

High school offers many more opportunities schedule wise compared to middle school. While many classes pave the way for freshmen and guide them toward their future, it is important for them to select classes that allow them to be the most successful. “I really enjoy my current schedule and really like my teachers,” said Kachurak.

Being a part of clubs, sports, and/or activities in high school is important because it allows students to become involved and make friendships they otherwise would not be able to. Thomas stated she is looking to join the Go Green Club.

When freshmen begin high school their main focus may not be graduation since it seems so far away however, they have numerous things to accomplish in just four short years. Chancey said she hopes to have at least a 3.5 GPA prior to graduation. Ally Thomas explained, she wanted “to be more involved in school things like clubs.” Kachurak stated, “I’m hoping to put myself out there more and talk to people more.”

I’m hoping to put myself out there more and talk to people more.

— Hope Kachurak

We hope the Class of 2026 has a great and successful year here at Durant. To stay updated on information and events related to the class of 2026, make sure to follow @dhscouncil2026 on Instagram.