Durant High School Takes On Spirit Week

Willy Wonka and Augustus Gloop played by Rob Kachurak and Steve Arment.

Willy Wonka and Augustus Gloop played by Rob Kachurak and Steve Arment.

Ava Wells, Staff Writer

It is the 2022-2023 school year and Durant has just had their annual Homecoming Spirit Week and from some people’s reactions, it was most certainly a blast. In fact, this week there were special appearances from people such as Post Malone to Willy Wonka and his squad. We started off with Music Monday, then leading to Tuesday with Country vs. Country Club, then Career Day on Wednesday, That’s So 70’s Thursday, and lastly Blue and Gold Friday, to show school spirit.

Spirit Week is for anyone including teachers, staff and students to go all out and show school spirit before Homecoming arrives. When students were asked how they felt about all of this school spirit, they shared many opinions. Whether the individual participated or not most said they loved the idea. Freshman, Sara Monzon said, “I feel so pumped up right now, it’s great.” Freshman Ashlyn King said, “I think it’s super fun.” Along with that and many other similar statements we can conclude that Spirit Week was very enjoyable and exciting for a good majority of the school.

Many students were surveyed on possible future Spirit Week themes. Some ideas that were suggested are listed below:

– White Lies (Wear a white shirt with a lie written on it)
– Dress As Your Type
– Surfer vs. Biker
– Adam Sandler
– Barbecue Dads and sSoccer Moms
– Twin Day
– Frat vs. Sorority

This year’s Spirit Week was a success. Many people dressed up in all sorts of creative ways and were excited to show their school spirit, which anyone can do. Even those who didn’t participate definitely got entertainment from it. Great job to Durant for showing lots of participation this year. Maybe next year’s Homecoming Spirit Week will be next level.