Ewww! Get Rid Of Them Bugs

Computer Science Students Learn To Code And Debug

Computer Science students programming functions.

Ayla Yebba

Computer Science students programming functions.

River Yebba, Staff Writer

Computer Science is one of the newest classes offered at Durant and it is a class that most people don’t know much about.

The Computer Science course has a variety of topics to learn. Students gain insight into how computers work, debugging programs (fixing problems) and creating their own apps.

Although taking this class develops a solid ability to work with computers, many students admitted that they stumbled upon it in different ways.

Some people may be going into the course knowing that they want to pursue some sort of engineering field. Freshman Yohara Ortiz said, “I was given the choice between AP Computer Science or AP Human Geography. I thought they said Geometry so I picked Computer Science because I don’t like math. That’s why I’m in Computer Science.”

Other students were intrigued by the idea of taking the class. “I thought it would be interesting to learn about and use computers,” said Freshman Averi Propst. “I think Computer Science will help me in the future if I get a job that uses computers.”

Even though some students have less interest in others the course can still help them in the future. “To be honest I don’t know how this class will help me, I don’t have plans on continuing in this path but maybe I might reconsider in the future, and this class helped me with the basics,” said Ortiz.

According to students, Computer Science is a helpful addition to Durant’s given courses. No matter what the class may or may not help students with at this moment in time, it may be of some assistance at other points in many students’ lives.